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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by magnus, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. magnus

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    I want too re-install win XP but its the first time for me soo what doo i doo?want a clean install,have some progs that is fucking whit me:(how doo i get just windows and all the progs deleted?i put the cd and had 2 options upgrade(never been any other versions then xp on this puter) and new installtion,,doo i choose new installition too just get windows like it was when i got it?Hope you understand me,dont know anything about puters soo hope you guys can explain it too me......Danke
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    You can just boot from the XP CD if your motherboard allows you to and format the HD and install XP freshly. obviously this will wipe out all of your documents so save them ahead of time. you will have to partition it either with NTFS or FAT32, i suggest NTFS but its a personal preference. its not hard to do at all unless you have lots of data you need to transfer and then put back on afterwards and even then its just time consuming.
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    boot your computer with floppy disk

    BOOT your computer with floppy boot of windows 95/98
    delete the partition
    if you have fdisk one the floppy format the all
    you can be réinstall correctly xp.
    ( see on your disk xp mark the disk )
  4. magnus

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    me again.........if i choose not too boot and and install from windows will that not make it a fresh install if i choose new installition?doesnt all the saved data get lost here too?anyway thanks a lot for the help