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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by raptor134, Dec 26, 2001.

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    Hi iwonder if some kind person can help me please i had a hard drive crash on me and trashed every thing !! i was so pissed here is my origanal message and some body repled to it and emailed me a driver and i have lost it and the guy who emailed me the file ok here goes again

    Hi i wonder if anybody can help i have installed windows xp pro on my pc as a clean install and i have the latest verstions of nero and ezcdcreator and i have some verstions of cdrwin and i cant get any of the cdrwins to work its telling me that unable to initalize aspi manager and it also says that the aspi manager was not found so ime a little stuck if some one can help me please to resolve my problem any help would be apreciated and thanks ps my writer is a plextor 12/10/32/s:confused: :eek:
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    Download WNASPI.dll from nero or driverguide.com and copy it either into the cdrwin folder or windows\system32 folder...