please help... cd-player problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by doofy139, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. doofy139

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    When I start my computer it won`t regonize my 2 cd players ( dvd-player and cdrw-player).
    But Yesterday was everything ok... i really don`t get what go wrong.. so i tried to detect them in my bios, but he keeps saying ''not installed''

    Can anyone help me

    sorry for my english..
  2. xsivforce

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    Make sure the cables are fully seated. I had a friend of mine who's floppy drive quit working. I went by to have a look at it. The power cord had somehow worked itself loose. To me, it looked like all his wires were zipped up too tight and forced a lot of tension on them. I cut a couple of the ties to release the tension, plugged it back in and no more problems.
  3. BonyTony

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    try this

    Check to make sure what jumper settings both your drives are if ones set as master and the other slave try swapping the jumpers vice versa or set both to cable select (cs) or even try one on your hard drive cable