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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by peroxide, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. peroxide

    peroxide Guest

    Hello. Imma try and be fast here. This may be the wrong board, but I need serious help. I am in a big doo doo hole.

    Heres the problem. i have no desktop. Literally I have no desktop. Its just a blank blue screen. No icond, taskbar nor nothing. And the only way I got the Internet Explorer was by going to "ATL+CONTROL+DELETE" and bring up the "Windows Task Manager" and them going to "File", "newTaskRun" and search for Internetexplorer exe file. I need help bad.

    What can i do to bring my desktop back. BTW, im using Windows XP Pro.
  2. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    have you tried restore ??
  3. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    I would do a system restore right before this nonsense started, boot up in safe mode, but I always say this

  4. Henyman

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    can i give more detail? (when it started,any changes,login screen there,screenshot)
  5. Lukas

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    is explorer running?
    try terminating explorer ad then starting a new task 'explorer.exe'

    anyways, more details would come handy.


  6. JJB6486

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    West Lafayette, IN, USA
    Open the task manageer w/ Ctrl+Alt+Del and go to New Task. Try running "explorer.exe"

    If that doesnt load it up, Go to new task and run "sfc /scannow" to reload all system files (have XP CD Ready)

    If that doesnt work, reinstall XP

  7. peroxide

    peroxide Guest

    Didn't work

  8. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    what is Darkstep?
  9. peroxide

    peroxide Guest

    A shell program.

    I have been working around trying to find something. My Desktop folder and all the programs are there, but just a blank desktop. But when I tried to open certian progrmas, I GET a error message stationg that Desktop.lnk not found
  10. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    i reon that that prog did something 2 change ut file(obviosly in order 2 change ur look). i have looked on but couldn't find anything 2 help. i have also seached micro$oft for you but to no avail. darkstep do have a chatroon....but it's empty:(

    if ya can save all ur files 2 c.d + try a repair install.

    i did search my comp for Desktop.lnk but couldn't find it. i sugest ya keep wid a normall desktop from now on!!
  11. DrMetallica

    DrMetallica OSNN Senior Addict

    I get that problem sometimes while leaving my computer on for long periods of time.

    The fix?

    First, try ALT+TAB to another program open.

    If that doesn't work, press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and select new task.
    In the windows folder of your C: drive open up explorer.exe

    If that doesn't work, reboot.
  12. peroxide

    peroxide Guest


    First and foremost, I want to thank the Man above.

    Secondly, I wanna thank every one in this thread who replied and was here with me in my critical time.

    I downloaded a program called "liteSpawn" and it took me straight back to my regular desktop. Im keeping it this way to. boy what a scare
  13. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    lol u don't like that "ohh s**t i buggered it again" feeling?

    i no what ya mean bout a relief though:p