Playstation controller mod??help

Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by wolfshade2002, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. I know this may be a old mod but i would like to mod one of my playstation dual shock controllers to use on my computer. I have a spare usb cable hanging around and a controller left over from when i sold my playstation. Is there anyplace that has a mod and drivers? Ive looked but I cant find.Anyhelp would be nice (thanks)
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    my cousin modded an xbox controller. i'll PM him to come ot this thread.
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    yeah im his cousin but sorry dont know about the ps controller just about the xbox one
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    Well i had a look at the conversion process for a Playstation gamepad to usb connector and unless you are an electronic whizz give it up its way too difficult to do.

    The other alternative is to buy a USB adapter like the one Here but at that price you may as well buy a new joypad.

    If anyone else has a simple method of conversion without spending cash;) i would too like to know.
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    A USB adapter is the best thing to get :)
  6. Thanks All I had seen the xbox controller mod so I just figured someone somewhere had done it to a sony controller.. ahh well looks like im doomed to buy a adapter or just get a new controller I allways liked the psx controller for gameing so i thought it might be easy to mod one. guess i was wrong..
  7. Oh and where did you see that conversion I got a buddy whos a wiz at that stuff he likes a challange..??
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  9. Hey thanks Apu95 I think i can get this to work for me.. Its just what i was looking for.. And thanks all
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    did you read that the driver is not direct x compatible:) meaning it wont work on d-x games
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    actually I think it said