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    Anyone heard of this so called PlayLinc???

    It almost seems to me that its like X-fire with some sort of extra features... but I'm not so sure. Despite the fact that it has AIM Built in and featured under AIM/ICQ Service. Before I think about downloading... I want to know if anyone's tried it out, and if not... how would one know if it has root kits or any other thing such as spyware and all? It seems a bit too good to be true. Brief summery:
    No matter how hard I look, it seems that the site is based on free. I question it heavily as there are absolutly no ads of any sort.
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    Yes, its fine
    Not SpyWare or anything.
    You get a free game server...
    Its only rentals for 3hrs of play or 10mins of inactivity.
    But you get RCON and up to 18 people.
    Its great, great ping etc...
    Works on a bunch of games. I've only tried CSS but im sure they work.
    Its great, get it :p

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    This is what was said on my website:

    Hey, my name Brian and I play for BR1. Here is the situation: We are a gaming company in need of gamers, not some guy in a office cubicle who has never gamed before or has no online gaming background. We cannot find them on Monster job boards!

    So I post here to the actual talents. Google us and research us thoroughly if any doubt.

    I am happy to say, not only is the service free, but the fact is that I did get hired as a Playlinc employee. My hiring is a testament to this offer and unlike many offers to gamers this isn’t a scam.

    As a small measure of some showing or proof: A link for you on another clan site. They did not believe it at first... and we just hired one of them.;whichpage=3

    I would like take to this opportunity to introduce PlayLinc™.

    We are actively looking to hire gamers for Playlinc. Imagine, you can get paid for doing what you love - gaming!


    About Playlinc ™

    Playlinc ™ is an all encompassing free gaming "no registration required" portal for PC and console gamers with services that include:

    Free game server hosting: Host games through our free high speed servers located in our data centers on both coasts. Example: Free CS, BF2, BF2142 Ranked servers! . Every member here can start their own free game server! NO bait switch tactics here, no buy this server to get another one for free. Its all free, all the time!

    Built in Free VOIP servers: Don’t pay for Ventrillo or Teamspeak VOIP servers ever again.

    Game area network (GAN): GAN eliminates the ‘Achilles Heel’ for LAN based games- that require all players to be in a localized setting or place. Turn you LAN based games into a multiplayer online game! A mod/map makers delight.

    Buddy IM systems: Our convenient IM service is based on AIM or ICQ and it allows you to keep in touch with your gaming friends. But wait! It also lets you control your free voice servers( 32 players) and be able to surf websites right in the game!

    Game Overlay (In game chat client): Triple Threat! The Game overlay services allows you to communicate through text or Voice with your all your AIM or ICQ friends within and outside the game, avoiding the need to minimize a game when sending or receiving an IM. But wait! It also lets you control your free voice servers (32 players) and be able to surf websites right in the game!

    Follow your buddy into games : This one click service drops you into the very game that your buddies are playing within, eliminating the hassle in finding their game server.

    Prizes and giveaways: Enjoy multitude of promotions and prize giveaways from our partners. Great contests like Verizon's promotion that gave away 50 Alien computers in 50 days! And Tournament's by recognized online gaming sites like the CPL, one which paid $100,000 to a single winner!


    We have a huge need for part-time employees, work from home candidates in the areas of :
    • Game Support
      Game Testers
    Pay is up to $10.00/Hr

    A. We ask that you have access to a PC and are able to get online.
    B. Can dedicate a minimum of 10 hrs a week
    C. Be a gamer with over 1 year of experience playing online games.
    D. Must be 16 years of age or older

    Genuine Offer - NOT a spam or Bot! Totally all free service, so really no money made.

    As posted it’s a job opportunity. I'm sure you understand if gaming publishers don't have dev's test games out; we would all be getting crappy games on shelves. Similar to that, if we do not have support in our service or testing prior to patches going out, we would have issues with our service. I understand your apprehension about stuff like this.

    Plus depends if you agree - Having your own free servers that every member can host in many games. Maybe be advantage that up and coming clans may appreciate.

    If you're interested, I invite you to fill our brief app at Please be careful and read the information displayed once you submitted it thoroughly. Feel free to add JayPlaylinc to your AIM buddy list as he conducts interviews.

    OK, the ball's in your court.

    Download the all free service at and go host your free server today!
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    AZ, USA
    they said almost the same at gamerbio so... I just needed to make sure.