Pinnacle DC10plus - No capture :( Please help!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by eNuffSaid, Apr 1, 2003.

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    Please help me!!!

    I just bought the DC10plus with Studio 8. Everything installed nicely. When I want to capture something I don't get any video in the "capture"window (it remains black), nor does the counter start when I click on "start recording" but the "stop recording" button does become available. When I stop the recording it tries to find the scenes but obviously can't find any.

    In the Device Manager everything seems okay. I have selected the correct source "DC10 capture card". In the Capture Control Panel (Studio 8) I can select from 2 composite inputs and 1 SVHS. Obviously I have tried all, but to no avail. Why do I have 2 composite inputs? But most of all, why am I not getting any signal? I've tested the output from the VHS player and it is good!

    Please help me! Any input is welcome.

    I have
    WinXP SP1
    Asus P4G8X mobo
    Radeon 9700 pro
    DC10plus (obviously) ;)

    Again, thanks in advance!!!
  2. Woolly1

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    I had a similar prob and cured it by D/l and installing the latest WDM drivers from Microsoft.
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    Also there seems to be a bug in this prog, after you have clicked "start Capture" press stop straight away and start it again, for some reason it only works on the 2nd click.
  4. eNuffSaid

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    Hi Woolly! Thanks for your input mate! Unfortunately it didn't work.

    With WDM I take it you meant the latest Windows Media Codecs.

    I even tried a new install of WinXP, but same problem. Also, after deinstalling Studio 8 and then reinstalling it gave my Licensing Errors upon startup op Studio 8. There was no way I managed to fix that error, no matter how much I deinstalled, deleted registry keys, etc.

    Returned the card to the store. Tomorrow i can pick up another card to see if it may be a hardware problem. If that one still doesn't work I guess that card is incompatible with my hardware.

    I really hope it works, cos I'm getting pretty fed up of all this reinstalling and trying. I really want to capture personal home videos and burn those to CDs.

    I'll keep ya posted.

    With kind regards,
    Willem Moolenaar
  5. eNuffSaid

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    Hey Woolly,

    Well, the card turned out to be a DUD! :-( Got a new one, and it works like a charm! LOVE IT! I'm one happy camper!

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you again for replying. I've poster around 170 messages of which about 5 were questions. you were the first to respond.

    Don't know what it is with my questions, or maybe its my avatar that scares em away. Thanks dude! :)

    With kind regards,

    Willem Moolenaar
    The Netherlands
  6. Woolly1

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    Glad u got it sorted :eek:)
    Have fun with the VCR-CD transfers, below is a link that I have found absolutely brilliant for all answers with capturing/encoding and all things so related.

    Pinnacle are the worst company ever for ingoring problems with their sotware and hardware, i spent MANY, MANY hours ploughing through the forum and FAQ sections of their site trying to sort out a problem that I had. I sent them 5 emails and got 0 replies!!

    I sold the hardware and use my "back-up" studio8 ;o) for a while thereafter untill I discovered that the software that came free with my MSI 4800 was much more stable and has a built in CD burner.