PIII 1ghz dual or PIV 2.0ghz?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by nosaj, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. nosaj

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    Ok, I have some extra $$$ that is just burning me up and I want an opinion as to what to buy.

    I can either buy a PIII 1ghz dual (Abit vp6) or I can buy a PIV 2.0ghz (abit or asus?).

    I love playing games but when I am not playing graphic intensive games I have multiple IE6 sessions open along with winamp playing. I have a PIII 800mhz currently and when I multitask with winamp playing it always skips when I have so many sites open (along with Photoshop or Premiere running).

    I have a GeForce 4 4200 and I plan to have at least 512m ram no matter which Mobo I buy.

    What do you guys think? PIV or PIII Dual? Would the PIV be fast enough and be able to handle my multitasking? I have yet to use a PIV.


  2. [CpK]Bastid

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  3. Terrahertz

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    I would go with the PIV with the faster bus and Rambus ram.(My choice)
  4. nosaj

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    sorry...no AMD

    Sorry, I appreciate the suggestion of using AMD but I am sticking with INTEL for now. No offense to you guys who swear by AMD. I

    Thanks though [cpk]

  5. [CpK]Bastid

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    just tryin to help:)

    and im not one of those that swears by it:).....whatever works:)
  6. Kezzas

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    No need for duel processers

    I would go for a P4 NORTHWOOD with 533 mhz bus.
    I have an abit here and im more then pleased with it if that helps you.

    I wouldnt bother with duel processers. *CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG HERE PEOPLE* but i dont think that theres many games that support or benifit from duel processers. Photoshop + other paint progs alike do as far as i know, and Quake 3 of cause (mabe other games that use q3a/q3ta engin do?) but its not that many.

  7. he is correct, the app has to be written for a multi processor environment to use it properly. if it is not the second processor just sits there most of the time waiting for threads it never gets

    unless you do autocad, heavy photoshop, or building a database or mail server you'd prob get best benefit buying a p4 system as it will be much more upgradeable in the future also.

    check new Intel boards..... they have 478 pin support for 2.6GHz +, ddr memory, usb 2.0, 533 bus etc.....all i use, never had one go bad....cannot say that for abit, will never buy another
  8. Henyman

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    definatly the p4, go for the best u can if u have the money cus the rest of your system don't sound 2 bad (gefore 4 512 ram etc)

    that way it'll save u having 2 upgrade again in the near futre.
  9. Gary Pandher

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    take the p4 2ghz 533 bus
    probably throw in some rambus with it
    and u got a fine pc
    the duel p3 1ghz wont do u much good