Physical Memory Dump "Stops"

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dick, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. Dick

    Dick Guest

    I usually get the subject "Stop" error when trying to play a commercially made DVD movie using Windows Media Player or Intervideo DVD. It also occasionally stops my Opera 6.02 browser as well. These events are mostly random except during the DVD play which crashes pretty regularly.

    I have resorted to shutting down all running background software. I also keep the O.S. squeeky clean & defragged - which seems to help some what.

    There is a blue MS Windows error page which suggests that you check for: 1.) Adequate disk space - I have tons of hard drive space. 2.) Driver updates - huh? What drivers? 3.) Video adapters. 4.) Bios updates. 5.) Disable BIOS options including caching or shadowing - none are enabled. Of the 5 items, only 2.) or 3.) may apply. There are no 4.) BIOS updates for mine.

    Can this issue be tracked down & corrected so it doesn't stop/crash? Or is it an XP thing that you have to live with?

    Can someone please suggest how to proceed in diagnosing & curing this bug?
  2. rettahc

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    next time write down the stop error numbers and then go here and see what it suggests.
  3. Dick

    Dick Guest

    Thanks for the reply Rettach - I'll try that. Is there any thing else that you can tell me about this issue?
  4. sdibias

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    I agree you should right down the STOP error and then the STOP error database. In the meantime you should check the event viewer and then check the memory.dmp file for more information. Once you aquire an EventID number you should proceed to for further information.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Dick

    Dick Guest

    I think I now have this beast under control. I gave up on the "scientific" approach. I got so many different numbers & so much MS geek talk that it totally confused me.

    After experimenting with settings, I found that disabling DMA (enabling PIO) on the DVD drive (only) seems to work. I'd like to understand why it does, so if you know - please tell me.

    Others (when playing DVD videos) have apparently experienced the same thing.