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    Yea, can I get php coding existence for a formmail script? Heres the problem:

    At this page, when people fill out the info and click submit the information is supposed to be sent to the email, but for some reason only the info in the text fields gets sent and the radio button info doesn't get sent to the email. Can someone look at this PHP code and give me a revised working one? Many thanks to whoever does it... I can't find out whats wrong <_<
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    The names for your radio buttons need to be all the same for each group of them then you assign a different value to them

    for example
    <b>How many times a day would you come?</b>:<br>
    <input type=radio class=form name="howmany" value=1>Once<br>
    <input type=radio class=form name="howmany" value=2>2 - 5 Times a Day<br>
    <input type=radio class=form name="howmany" value=3>6 - 10 Times a Day<br>
    <input type=radio class=form name="howmany" value=4>All the Time! (Whenever Possible).<p>
    then when you do
    How Many Times a Day:\t$howmany\n
    in your survey.php, it will return one of the above values
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    thanks a lot! :)