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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Mr. Sushi, Jul 28, 2002.

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    like i got a cool scanner and like when it chooses what program to up for the scan it shows like 4 photoshops. it doesnt really effect me but i'm just wondering why. i uninstalled and reinstalled it several times once... oh well also whenever i use roxio easy cd creator sometimes it will just freeeze up half-way in a freeze. why is this! my last question. when i click my name on the screen it just started taking an unusually long time to load my settings. i have a pretty fast comp. p4 1.8 ghz and it usually takes 1-2 seconds to load. now it takes like 8-10. i don't know why it's doing this.
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    helpp.. mee
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    There are a lot of known problems with easy cd creator. Install the XP patch and it should work. sorry but for your other problems I don't have a solution.
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    Concerning your long load time, check what processes and programs you have starting up. I'd run msconfig (Start-->Run), select the startup tab and uncheck any programs that you don't need to startup at logon.
    As for the Roxio problems, do what sboulema says and download the patch from Roxio's website.
    And finally for the scanner... try looking around in the software for a place to edit the list of programs that come up when you want to scan. If you are not using scanning software, but the scanning utilities that come with WinXP, then you can make changes by right-clicking on your scanner under My Computer, then selecting Properties. There is an events tab that you can use to select what program to run when you want to scan.
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    okay. but how come i'm the only one of all the users on my comp that load my settings really slow?
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    oh and would number of programs running effect my shut down time?