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    Some of us were discussing pets, and I thought it might be interesting to have a thread for pet humor. It isn't just people who can be funny at times :D A couple I remember:

    My sister Jean has a German shepard, who well, among the things he's done:

    - When he was bad, my sister put him outside (he was a pup then). He not wanting to be outside, used his snout, opened the screen deck door, and methodically let himself back in the house.

    - Sampson (his name) also likes to drink outa the toilet bowl, as many dogs do. Thing is, he's adept at using his snout to lift the toilet seat by himself, so he can get himself a drink.

    Sampson also taught Sheradin (a black lab retriever we used to own, but let Jean and more to the point her kids have) to lift the toilet seat too.

    - If they gated him in a room, he could take the gate down, and let himself out...

    - One day, when he was in the back yard, he opened the gate, let himself outa the yard, and then walked over to the neighbors house. They were new to the neighborhood, so this was Jean's first meeting with her new neighbors mind you.

    Anyhow, Sampson walked up onto the neighbors deck, used his snout to open the screen deck door (much like he did with Jean's deck door), and let himself into the neighbors house. He walked up to the cat food, and started chomping it down. The neighbor walked over to Jeans house and

    So Jean asked her older son, Paul where the dog was. He didn't know, so she started calling "Sampson, Sampson" She then saw him walk outa the neighbors house and came running, with the smell of cat food on his breath. Jean was so embarassed, she ran inside, slamed the door shut, and wouldn't come outa her house for the rest of the day. Luckily, she and this neighbor became friends however...

    My brother Mark taught Sheradin to fetch the news paper. Only thing is, when we didn't get one, he'd go over to the Mzeski's (one of our neighbors) and steal their paper. He'd then come running back, wagging his tail, looking for his reward. They of course, well wanted their paper.

    One day, when Sheradin was staying with Cindy (my other sister) while we were on vacation, she taught Killer (her black lab) to lift her leg. Mind you, Killer was a female dog, and Sheradin a male dog.

    The neighbor came over and

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    my ferrets(Billy & Bob) are quite the funny rascals. My wife, daughter and I have to keep our shoes on a shelf or they will hide them all around the house :D