Permission denied to shared My Documents on network :(

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vladg, Dec 13, 2001.

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    Hi. I shared several folders, including My Documents, to access them from another computer on home network (also XP). All work except My Documents :( For another user on that same machine there is no such a problem - his docs shared ok (different share name, of course). Anyone saw something similar?
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    Are you using NTFS? If so, the NTFS permissions may be locking that directory down regardless of the share permissions.
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    Folders like Windows, anything inside Documents and Settings, and sometimes Program Files are locked out permanently for security reasons. In order to access them, enter the username and password on the XP box for the user into the other comtputer's Client For MS Networks logon screen (95/98) or create an identical account on the other machine for NT/2000/XP and log in using that. Then the user will have the approiate rights on the computer to access the My Documents

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    thanks for the replies. i actually tried to share my wife's documents from my login session. once I did it from her session, all worked out!