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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Hutch, Mar 2, 2002.

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    I have just read a post regarding the above,i have just bought a new graphics and sound cards,what i want to find out is what will happen if i change the slot my sound card is in,so i can give the graphics card a bit more room,will i need to change the irq or anything? or will it just recognise the change and adjust itself?
    I have a modem in at the moment which is not needed anymore as i now have broadband,so i will be putting the soundcard in the slot that the modem was in,incase that makes any difference.

    I know i should know the answer to this,but i have never swapped cards around before,so i better be sure.Thanks in advance for any help,Hutch.
    PS can anyone recommend a good outlet for case mods,here in Britain(or Scotland would be better)?

    Pentium 4 1.8ghz,512 sdram,400fsb.
    Nvidia Geforce 3 Ti 200,64 ddr ram
    Creative Audigy platinum sound system
    Creative `Inspire 5.1 speaker system
    Broadband internet connection (now down in price by £10,can life get any sweeter)
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    I'm not sure if it will change IRQs etc., it won't make too much difference tho and it could help to ventilate your system a little - somehow.

    There is a cool overclocking place here in england over at http://www.overclockingstore.co.uk with some well expensive cases or DIY kits.
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    Won't have too drastic affect on your system settings, but if you plan on removing anything completely (like your modem), be sure to uninstall it first to free up any settings that it may hold. Some legacy devices only work on a specific IRQ setting and depending on how old some of the components in your rig is, that may be a potential problem after rebooting without the device physically installed.
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    Thanks guys,always get some good advise on this site,i will try that oc place ta.Hutchy :)