PCI Modem Drivers

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Phil J01, Jul 17, 2002.

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    I've just installed XP Home on my machine but it's wiped out my modem.
    In control pannel all it say's is PCI Modem, yet when i go to try and fin done on the disk it comes back with nothing.

    I have used my Work internet and tried a Generic LucentLT Win modem one but no joy.

    Does anbody know where i can get a set of XP Generic modem drivers


  2. dayneh88

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    could you include a little bit more information regarding the modem, like serial number or the type of generic modem you have. that would be helpful.
  3. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    Well this week at work i upgraded a PC to XP (Clean install), The modem was in device manager with the famous yellow ?. I put a nic in the PC and ran windows update, A Modem driver popped up on the list, installed and no more yellow ?.
    Mabey worth takin the pc to work and hooking it up with LAN.
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    PCI Drivers

    Sorry i dont know

    My system is a packard bell i media 6100
    Was on ME now xp home
    256 Mb
    17 GB HD

    I was kinda hoping that there would be an XP generic Driver out there

  6. robin.munro

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    Slow down and take a deep breath!

    Open your machine up....(only if it is a desktop!!!) and have a look at the modem, tell us what is written on it.....

    This is not a disaster, the brand should be there (e.g. my modem (now in a bag after I switched to broadband :D ) says: -


    It is really the Name and the second line I find important.

    Check the back they sometimes just slap on a sticker as well.

    I will be up a while (it is 00.12 here..) will see what I can find try and get back quick though if it is that urgent.

    P.S. Did you get the modem with your Packard Bell or install it separately?
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    Pci Drivers

    No i got it with the Packard Bell, it was all in.

    I'll crack it open tonight and have a butchers,

    Sorry if it's took a while posting this reply I've been at the dentist with an abscess...Nice :(
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    Go to their site........

    I went to the UK one and they have a specific section for xp drivers, Choose 'active support', then the drop down 'my pc support'. (button is on the far left of the screen, then on the next screen the 'downloads' is also a button on the far left of the screen.

    It has to be one of them.....