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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mark-XP, Dec 5, 2003.

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    Hi, I know I haven't post in a long time but everythings been fine , more or less ;) ... My computer keep stopping for about a few seconds 'not locked up' kinda like a shutter. It's done this in the past but has gotten bad recently , it's like something else is taking over to do something and stops everything else. :mad:
    I've tried to isolate it but no luck, the cable modem has been acting up losing the IP would the NIC connection make the PC shutter ? Did a Norton's Win Dr. , Defrag ,Scan disk , Ad-Aware I have HotBar I know it may/does have spyware in it but I like the email wallpaper and the smileys :p
    I'm stumped ...
    Any help ,suggestions ,comments would be Great!
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    When it locks up ctrl-alt-del to windows task manager and see if there's any process hogging CPU or memory leak.
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    Thanks for the info but, I think I have firgured it out at last :confused: it was XP Cooler a CPU cooler 'software' it slows the CPU down to cool it, it was a newer version than I had so that's why it was doing it more than before.
    Right now SpeedFan 4.09 has my CPU temp @39c and CASE @38c
    no load just web brouseing which is Ok I guess who knows. I've read on MSI web Forum that the Bios is reporting the temps higher than they are 'bug in Bios' which they say will be fixed in an update. I have a Volcano 11-Xaser Edition it says at 5100 rpm's I CAN HEAR IT REAL WELL ... :p so those readings can't be right ... anywho
    Thanks Mark