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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by canadian_divx, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. canadian_divx

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    ok i was talking on the net with friends when my pc just restarted when it was booting up windows i bet a flash of a blue screen and then it just restarts, i boot into safe mode and i get a flash of a blue screen, now under normal times i would just format but there is information i need on this drive, how can i repare the windows and not lose any information, ther is about 3gb free on it

    when it boots up normaly it gets to the part where it says welcome and then there is the blue screen and i cant tell what it says because it flashes and then goes away
  2. Mr. Ass

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    That happened to me and the problem was incompatible ram. Let me ask you. have u recently installed any new software or hardware? If so did the problem start after the hardware or software was installed? If software is the problem run system restore.
  3. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    i did not add any hardware in the last 2 weeks and there was no software installed or uninstalled, well unreal 2 but that was a week ago, i was just chatting on trillian and it just died, id there a repair prog that i can run to fix this?
  4. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    if i just install windows agian in the same directory then would my stuff still be there? or would it erase it all, i am mainly wanting hte stuff that is in my docs and on desktop, and shared docs
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    Insert the xp cp & boot up. Follow the screen to the repair option. It will reload windows. Make sure it loads to the windows folder. It might say it is already installed but you want to go over the top. When you get back into windows save what you need as it might happen again very soon after getting in.
  6. Mr. Ass

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    doing an overwrite is asking for nothing but trouble. guarantee if u overwrite u'll be formatting in 6 months or less
  7. gothic

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    I think i'd be inclined to use a Windows 98/Me boot disk and pop into DOS, retrieve the files manually, then do a bit of a format/new install.

    Could a virus have found it's way in when you were chatting??

  8. zyfos

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    If you are running NTFS and can't do a restore, you'll probably have to use the XP cd. Either repair what you have (yes, it will screw up settings probably) and get what you need, or do the Recovery Console and get the files manually through the command prompt. Either way, I suggest reformatting and reinstalling.
    Might want to have your BIOS check your RAM just for ****z and giggles. Disable quick boot to do so.
  9. jonifen

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    but at least he'd get into windows so he could back everything up... which is probably what will happen anyway.

    Windows XP repair installation is a lot more sophisticated than the old "install win98 over the top" task. I've done it on my own system once before, and I've even done it on a machine in work - machine runs better than it did before!!

    Good advice if he's using FAT32... but chances are he'll be using NTFS (as I've found most ppl do). I remember reading around about bootdisks with NTFS support somewhere... cant remember where though.
  10. canadian_divx

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    ok thanks for all the feadback people, i was looking around at the repair prog with xp but i could not figure out what one would just replace hte windows folder, but you people are sure that if i reload windows on the previors one (c:windows) it wont delete shared docs, my docs, and deaktop???
  11. jonifen

    jonifen pffff...

    I've never actually used My Documents/Pictures to save my work - I always use a folder on my 2nd hard disk for that. With the desktop, I keep it clean and simple with the usual My Computer, My Network Places, Recycle Bin & Microsoft Outlook... so when I did the repair install, I didnt notice anything different.

    Thats not to say it does/doesn't change anything though...
  12. scriptasylum

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    If you are sure everything you want to save is in My Documents ( My Pictures and My Music are in My Documents) then simply copy that folder to a different drive or something. It is not located in the windows directory, but here:
    C:\Documents and Settings\logon\My Documents

    Where "logon" is your login name. Also I am assuming your OS drive is the "C" drive. Here are some other files you may want to keep:

    C:\Documents and Settings\logon\Send To (All the entries when you right-click a file and select "Send To". You only might want to back this up if you've made custom changes to it though.)
    C:\Documents and Settings\logon\Favorites (All your Internet Explorer shortcuts)
    C:\Documents and Settings\logon\Desktop (whatever files that are on your desktop)

    Or, you could just copy your whole profile and get everything (although there will be stuff you won't need too):
    C:\Documents and Settings\logon

    Repairing shouldn't even touch these files. In fact, even if you re-installed on top of the current one, you would still have your old files (your login name will be labeled different for your profile).
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    I cant believe some of the stuff I see..... windows xp has an excellent feature in the repair option ... you walk through the install and go about it as if you wanted a clean install you get to a point where it shows you the allready installed copy of xp and you choose to repair this copy and it is fantastic it wont even remove an email nor change any settings in any programs ...and fixes so many stupid little things ......