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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mbunny, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. mbunny

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    Its that time of the year again for me...

    I need to clear out the dust and crap that has built up for the past 6 months in my computer...

    What i want to know is whether it is safe to use a normal vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust or should i stick to using compressed air like i've been doing? (damnit... $25 for air that has been packed into a can just doesn't seem right)

    OR!!! if anyone has any other ideas about how to get rid of all the dust (i'm not worried about prevention... just how to clean it)
  2. GT2000

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    Generally we're told that using a vacuum is not a good idea due to static, never actually did research on that, I just use, as you said, compressed air, or if you don't feel like going for that, just grab a straw, make sure it's dry, and blow real hard, making sure not to blow any spit while yer at it! I actually did this a few times, makes ya winded depending on your case size lol..
  3. Goatman

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    even if you are using compressed air, make sure you turn your box off when u do it!!
  4. Smokie

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    Don't use a vacuum cleaner as it does cause static.

    Trouble with compressed air is that it can blow the dust into places you don't want dust to be in.

    Using a small, soft bristled paint brush is as good as anything. My suggestion anyway.
  5. Sazar

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    you get special vacs for it or you can use your regular vac...

    now on your regular vac you need one that has a blower thinger as well... plug in and blow...

    I prefer the vacs designed for the pc really...

    but what do I personally do to clean?

    well for starters I hve filters to reduce the dust into my rig...

    then when I have to clean things I just blow... with a straw or anything else that come handy... :)
  6. gonaads

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    Unplug yer Box, pull the covers off and drive to the Gas Station and use the Compressed Air Hose there and clean it all out for free.
  7. boneload

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    The compressed air at the gas station will more than likely have moisture in it unless they use a dryer/filter.
  8. gonaads

    gonaads Beware the G-Man Political User Folding Team

    You place a folded rag/wash cloth over the nozzle if you think it may have moisture.

    But even better at your Car Repair Shop you can do it, if you ask them to use the air.

    And they have to have filters/moisture traps on the Air Lines to keep their Air Tools from being contaminated with moisture.

    Trust me, this I know well.
  9. boneload

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    I work the automotive field and believe me not all of the shops will spend the extra money for dry air. Go to an auto body shop and they will have dry air.
  10. gonaads

    gonaads Beware the G-Man Political User Folding Team

    As do I.
    And yes a Body Shop might be better. And you could still do it for free.
  11. Taurus

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    LOL... when gonaads suggested taking your case to a gas station and using their hose, i thought it was a joke. but then everyone suggests taking it to different car shops. for some reason, i just can't imagine that.

    then again, if i didn't have an air compressor and tank in the garage, i don't know what i'd do... probly take it to the gas station. }:p

    btw, it doesn't matter if the air has moisture in it... unless you're going to turn it on right there at the gas station (???). by the time you get home, any trace amounts of moisture would have well evaporated.
  12. i got a 3 gallon air tank at Walmart for $9........ put a air coupler on it so can fill tire or put nozzle on it with a regulator to control pressure to blow air.........

    origionally got to fill motorcycle tires but has so many other uses......

    is portable, can blow dust anywhere, sawdust in garage, dust in attic, whatever...... last alot longer than little can of air and you can defiantly make friends fast next time air someones tire up so they can drive to get it fixed.........
  13. gonaads

    gonaads Beware the G-Man Political User Folding Team

    Just whatever ya do. If ya take it to a Station or Garage, don't play with the compressed air and blow yer brains out. :p
  14. and dont turn the old ding/ding tire machine up to 120lbs to try and get a tractor tire onto a rim saw one guy almost take his face off when it blew and shot up and caught him in the chin...:eek:

    60 stitches later........
  15. Plexapotamus

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    That may sound like a joke, but playing around with compressed air can actually kill you.
    Skin is pouris (sp?) hence it will let things pass through it, although normal air will not enter your blood stream through your skin, compressed air sprayed directly against your skin can pass through, sending a very small air bubble through your bloodstream. Once it hits your heart or your brain, your dead.
  16. gonaads

    gonaads Beware the G-Man Political User Folding Team

    Yes very true. NO JOKE!
  17. NetRyder

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    I do the same thing when required :D
  18. fubar121

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    You mean you all take the time to clean? I gots like 3 inches of dust inside mine :) Mabey thats why I keep getting fault errors :) wink wink.
  19. shoulin

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    conpressed air 2pak, $2.99 Frys

    just dont turn the can upside down and give your friend frostbite... lol !! his arm still has a scar. and was purple for about 2 weeks
  20. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    lol... i got the hint when i sprayed a heatsink and frost accumulated on it. }:p