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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by r3n3gad3, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. r3n3gad3

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    hey all - i'm having a problem with windows networking where everyone who wants to gain access to my pc (via lan) needs a login, and as i dont have a pass for my admin ... lol, what could the pass be - or do i need to create a username or something?

    also, i am wanting to set up an FTP on this pc - does anyone have any suggestions for appz to use?
  2. max

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    For FTP G6 is my favourite Server - easy to use also


    Regarding people having to logon to your machine each time - Are they actually logging on to a LAN ?

    Create an account for each user, then when they logon to the network they automatically get access to your Shares on your Machine
  3. r3n3gad3

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    no, not loggin on to the network as such... i mean, like if ya do this:

    Network > Entire Network > Windows Network > <workgroup> > MAIN (pc i'm having probs with) >

    when it gets to here it asks to logon to the machine, if u did get wat i was saying before - sorry :p

    but how do i create users?
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    if you enable guest access then they can type whatever they like into the box to get access (meaning anyone on the lan can access it) then if you don't want people loging in locally as guest you can disable it in gpedit.msc (they can access shares on network). Or you can add users in compmgmt.msc


    G6=best ftp server...

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