Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Capricorn, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. Capricorn

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    One of my Banks offer a free Anti-Virus, Trend Micro Ltd Pc-cillin, is this any better than AVG which I use at the moment?
  2. gothic

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    PC-Cillin is good, but stick to AVG!!
  3. WAM

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    I use pccillin, and its pretty good, it updates regularly and has got a built in firewall which is fairly customisable, as well as ome other features that avg hasnt. AVG is good to, but i like to have an all in one that is not gonna take over your machine too much.
  4. Enyo

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    Im currently a NAV 2003 a users :huh: I do however use PC Cillin on my laptop and other workstations. Ive found it to be a solid bet, its detection rates are secound to that of the big two NAV and Mcafee. Still though its detection of trojans is not as good as the others on the market.

    It does excellent work with compressed files and also downloaded file scanning can often take place before the file reaches your computer. Its also the lightest on resources ive seen!

    POP email scanning is again not as good, i think the method they use is shoddy and it only scans incoming mail.

    In short then :D Its a very good package but stick with what youve got if your happy!