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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Cooperman, May 14, 2002.

  1. Cooperman

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    How can i enable password access to shared drives and folders accross a network in Windows XP Pro.

    In Windows ME you select the drive then select sharing and then enable password for full access, but i do not get this option in Windows XP.

    Please could someone throw some light on this so that i can enable passwords for access to drives and folders.
  2. open_source

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    Security in NT based OS's is user level not folder level. If you want to limit access to different folders in XP you will need to add or remove the users in the security settings for the folder. (you can only do this in Pro and you will need to remove simple file sharing)
  3. Cooperman

    Cooperman Guest

    I disabled simple file sharing as suggested which gave me further options for sharing, but i still cannot see where i can enable password protection.
    I need to share drives as opposed to folders for internet connection sharing etc, so how can i enable passwords within XP Pro to do this.
    The main reason is that i keep getting a virus called W32.HLLW.QAZ.A which affects Windows notepad, Symantec say that the virus is caused by sharing accross a network and to avoid this virus reocurring is to enable password protection.

    I enabled password protection when i was running Windows ME and this seemed to work but i am unable to use password protect within Windows XP Pro.

    could someone please give me some advice.
  4. open_source

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    XP does not use password level shares!!! It uses user level shares!!!
  5. Cooperman

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    How do i setup user sharing across a network running ME & XP.

    When i go to the permission tab it brings a box up saying
    This has been set for administrative purposes. The permissions cannot be set.

    The users that will require access to the drives on my XP Pro machine are using Windows ME or 98SE
  6. open_source

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    On this same window select the option create new share.
  7. Cooperman

    Cooperman Guest

    I selected create new share but i still do not know how to set a user on another machine on my network to have certain access to my hard drive.

    PS i am only using 3 computers via a hub on a MSHOME network, nothing too fancy just the basics for internet connection sharing etc.
  8. open_source

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    You have to create a user account on your computer for them. They then need to login to their machines with that username and password.

    Then right click on the shared drive/folder and select properties. Go to the Security tab and remove "everyone" and add just the users you want to have access to that share.
  9. Cooperman

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    When i create a new user on my XP machine, everytime the machine is rebooted it gives me the screen at startup to select which user is to logon.
    As i am the only user of the XP machine i do not want the option screen to select a user as previously it would logon as myself by default without giving user options.
    Can i have my XP machine logon without me having to select a user but still keep other users so that they can logon to the XP machine over the network on a ME or 98 machine?

    Also in order for the users of the ME or 98 machine to logon to my XP machine do i have to change the settings on thier machines for network logon at startup as they are currently set to Windows family logon and not client for microsoft network.
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  11. Cooperman

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    Thanks for the link, this did the trick of hiding users at startup.

    I think i have set up everything ok, seems to be working at the moment, will see if i come accross any problems i.e network connection sharing and the virus??