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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mystikqween, May 22, 2002.

  1. mystikqween

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    Hi! Is there anyway to password-protect some folders, so they can't be viewed or moved or copyed without a password? Thanks in advance
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    I don't think that's a built-in feature of XP. You can encrypt files, but I don't think you can password protect them.

    BUT, you could go to, and I'm sure that there are some free utilities out there that give u this feature. In fact, I used to use one of them a long time ago.

    Good luck! :D

    Ah, and welcome to XP-erience ... the koolest XP community on the web ... hehe :p
  3. Dragon Eye

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    if someone finds one of these utilities could you post a link for me please.

  4. open_source

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    TweakXP will allow you to password protect folders but it is very easy to break the protection.
  5. mystikqween

    mystikqween Guest

    I'm still looking but all the ones I've found so far you have to pay for so if anyone finds one that is free please tell me!