Partitions and 98LitePro 4.7

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 03bigMark03, Aug 21, 2003.

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    Hi my curren't partitons are c:\ (24.4 GB) and f:\ (3.52 GB). f is used for Backup and swap file. So all in all my hard drive adds up to 27.92 GB. Now it's been a while since I installed windows 98se but the trouble is I always get in a mess with FDISK. It's all in the mb rubbish. I sort of would like to do this.

    C:\ 8 GB (for windows 98se)
    D:\9.96 GB (for games, I don't have many games)
    F:\ 3.52 GB (don't want this parition touched)

    And the rest of the space I would like for Linux (ext 3).

    As I said I get mifed at FDISK stage, I get all confused about the MB if you could work it out for me that would me great (sie, never good at maths, got a G at GCSE, found it out today). So cheers for that.

    Now I just got 98LitePro 4.7. If I chose automatic install will it totaly wipe my paritions (including f) or will it just copy the cab file to C as well as the 98LitePro files. Thanks if you can confirm that, the readme is a little hard to understand.

    I think thats all I need to know about. Cheers.

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    OK guys, after little chit chats on IRC i got my figures sorted but it wasn't how I wanted it to be.

    Here goes.

    C:\ 8.56GB

    I'm probebly going to use F:\ and E:\ (swap) for Linux Mandrake 8.1 (commercial version) so I'm really not to bothered about it all.

    I backed up F:\ to CDR (it all fit nicely) so no problems there.

    I also used 98Lite. Dam thats fast, reverts it to 95 Shell (well sort of, sleek option) and I removed Internet Explorer (use Firebird now) gee it's so darn fast. Boot up times are faster than ever. Well I also got rid of a load of system junk because 98LitePro gave me loads of options in Windows Setup. It's so fast. Just got get my system all sorted now.