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    Hi peeps, question for you all to answer.
    I had two 120gb drives for my local disk (c: ). I had a firewall problem, windows couldn't display firewall at all. This was down to the fact of me having three firewalls running at the same time.( i didn't know this had happen).

    So i'd uninstalled sp2, hopeing that i could cure the problem by reinstalling sp2. But alas i'd failed on that part.

    Anyway i got a bigger hard drive installed 500gb. The shop took the data of one of the 120gb drives & added it to the new 500gb drive, so i'm left with one 120gb & this 500gb drive.

    But what he done was to partition the 500gb drive, so if you go into my computer, you will find local disk(c: ) total size 223gb about 50gb free. And also local disk(j: ) total size 242gb about 181gb free.

    Today i was using a 400gb external drive to backup data before making the drives into one partition, so local disk(j: ) has now changed to k: (j: ). If i plug in this drive it shows up as local disk(k: ) total size 372gb about 204gb free.

    Your man at the shop said all i had to do with take all the data which i needed copy & paste, from (c: ) to (j: ) or as it is now k: (j: ) then all i need to do was make my pc have the one partition & i should have around 620gb hard drive, & pc should be as good as new... hehe.

    But the big problem i have now is, in computer management (c: ) is the system & k: (j: ) is the boot. And you can't partition the system or boot drives now can you...

    The big question is HELP what can i can i do to get the system onto the boot
    drive k: (j: )so i can make the partition??
    Is there a way out of this.

    Sorry for making this so long.

    Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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    Use a disk management program (Partition Magic, Disk Director, et. al) and all your problems should be solved.

    (I'd suggest backing all data up first, just to make sure)