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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jay300zx, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Jay300zx

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    I recently copprupted (by unplugging USB too quickly) my 60GB drive.
    It had 2 partitions on it.
    the 2nd partition of 50GB had all my data on it.
    I have tried easy recovery/rstudio etc and can do a RAW recovery but it has no file structure - just recovers all BMP as FIL1.BMP, FIL2.BMP etc.

    Now when I run Rstudio I can recover it with the filenames but none of the files restore correctly - they will not open in anything.

    Stupidly, I thought If I deleted the 1st partition and recreated a single 60GB Partition I can recover files with an UNDELETE program and retain original filenames.

    I have now removed the 60GB Partition and tried several bits of software that REBUILD partition but they just find the single 60GB Partition.

    Running RStudio on it and scanning drive on it still shows my original files and file structure but again, restoring them just brings down corrupt images and videos.

    Any ideas?

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    I used file scavenger, it showed what files it could get off, Then I payed for it, worked like a charm For hte search mode I had to use the "long" one . It' 50 bucks
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    i've never had much luck.
    i did something very similar.

    my entire mp3 collection was wiped out. i managed to restore alot.. but the mp3s were corrupted. Songs were overlapping. I'd be playing Frank Sinatra, and half way during the song, metallica would overlap.

    it was a nightmare.
    hope for the best.
    easyrecovery perhaps?
  5. Jay300zx

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    I went with GetDataBack (Cheers American Zombie).
    Got everything back. And that was after I formatted it and changed partition sizes!!! :)

    Everything else I tried (and I had quiet a few progs) - restored corrupted data.

    Just been through and checked EVERYTHING and all seems ok ;)

    Cheers people. Well Happy
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    Eek! I'll pay extra attention to unplugging my external drives from now on :s

    Also, GetDataBack sounds like a brilliant program.
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    If you just want to recover the data instead of partition
    than go for PC Inspector File Recover software.

    Its free on