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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by djchapple, Nov 18, 2002.

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    I have used PM 8.0 and now have two partitions, one active (C) for XP Pro and one (F) for data.

    Just what can I transfer to F?

    Can I transfer my Documents and settings?
    Can I transfer all my programs in the "Program Files DIR?
    If so can I transfer the prog file dir all at once or must I do progs separately?

    How do I tell "everyone" that all these files are now on F and not C?

    Finally I have a problem with PM itself. For a very new program it still believes it is in the dark ages. It will only let me record safety files on a floppy and not any other form of recordable drive. My notebook like many others coming on stream does not have a floppy and I see no need to get one. How can I deceive PM and record the safety files on another type of drive?

    So far my only method is to load PM onto wife's laptop (which has a floppy), record safety files onto a floppy, uninstall PM from my wife's laptop (short of hard disk space), copy files from her floppy over the home network to my nbotebook and then burn them to CD.

    I had hoped to finish before Christmas so i hope there is a better way.

    I know you all love helping out us dimwits so I am thanking you all in advance.
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    Wow that's a shock - it WON'T let you record a bootable CDR for your CDRW drive? Crazy!!

    As far as transfering stuff goes why don't you just try it. However I tried putting the internet temp files folder on a different drive and although I got most of the stuff over in it some was still spread into the original folders which still remained.

    My partitions are C: for OS + all the basic stuff

    and F: has games and other software I've put on, seems to work fine.

  3. djchapple

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    I have just had an email reply from Powerquest and they tell me that the computer can be booted from Partition Magic 8.0.

    That appears to solve that particular problem.