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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jojopet, Sep 26, 2003.

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    A problem and a question:
    When I start to use partition magic 7.0 (8.0?) in XP the program lauches and then freezes my whole PC while in the splash screen. Nothing works or shows signs of life forcing me to hit the reset button. This is happened before and after a complete reformat and reinstall of XP Home. When I lauch PM using the boot disks it works fine. What is causing this and is there a fix? Anyone else have this problem? My other question is that after the reinstall of XP my primary hard drive is "H". I try to use the internal disk management to change it to "C", but it does not want to let me. Will PM allow me to do this without messing anything up?
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    Did you install boot magic?
  3. Sounds like the PartitionMagic disc is messed up. did you contact PowerQuest Tech Support to report your problem?

    Or is the disc legal? Did you download it off the net, if so, I don't believe that allows us to assist people with illegal copies.
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    Wassup with bootmagic? I thought that was for multiple operating systems.'s legit and worked before. No i have not contacted them as I thought this forum might offer a simple answer to both issues.
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    Yes , PM 7 does try to load and locks up if using certain combinations of Antivirus and "Go Back".are used.
    I found it does not do this with SP1 loaded and the same software.
    If you want to change your drive letters, watch that a Partition does not show 2 letters , "H"("G") for example.
    This means the system wants to use H but is prevented by other cd drives etc.
    Change to "Z", got to D/Manager and disable the other hardware, then retry change to C Drive.
    Make sure no other partition has 2 drive letters showing , inc"C" , or in separate brackets.)
    Re enable other non partition drive letters from D/ Manager afterwards.
    This happens to me all the time when reinstalling with 8 Partitions and 5 other drive items ! I have to hide all other drives until the normal partitions load drive letters correctly.
    Apologies if not explained very well.