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  1. i have a program called pagis inbox which is a scanning program. and its stuck on my desktop, i would like to get rid of it, but i dont seem how to find out how to take it off. But my if so i cant get it out of my desktop i would just uninstall it and get an other scanning program. ANY SUGGESTION?
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    Don't have this program. What is there on your desktop? Is it a shortcut or a folder? If it is shortcut it should be possible to simply delete it. If it is a folder, can't you move it?
    If this is not possible what about hiding it by changing the icon to an invisible one? You can also hide the text behind the taskbar. If you can remember where it is, you can use it and it won't disturb the look of your desktop.
  3. well its not a shortcut nor a folder its the acutally icon

    like u know when u create a shortcut from the real file then dats the shortcut but this one looks like the real deal. NO little white arrow.