Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hutch, May 2, 2002.

  1. Hutch

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    Has anyone here got any info on a P2P probram called edonkey,i am trying to find out if it is full of spyware and if it is not,how good is it to use?
    Many thanks for any info,Hutch
  2. riscy

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    I had a look at edonkey but couldn't get it to work. Stick with KazaaLite or Audio Galaxy or WinMX (spywarefree, natch!), ones I find best.
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    i dont think that it has any spyware...and if im not mistaken...its open source. Its pretty much usless unless you get yourself a copy of a bot call eDonkeyBot...just search google. ITs kinda hard to use compared to some other p2p apps, but if you dont mind leaving your computer running for a day or two (most people here probably dont turn them off) you should be able to get a lot of *trialware* iso's;) . beware though....a lot of the stuff is in german so make sure you read the whole filename before you download. one more thing...it will take a long time the first time you run it if you share a lot of files cuz it indexes them.
  4. Hutch

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    Thank you A.S,someone was recommending it to me but im very wary,after being stung with the original Kazaa,i ended up having to reformat my HD.
    I have recently installed Kazaa lite,after a lot of investigation and it works really well,there are a lot more people using it now and its quick too,the guy who reengineered it did a fine job.I cant see me using edonkey anytime soon.
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    I personally don't like that edonkey lets you upload files you are downloading simultaneously. Maybe its just me but it seemed to result in a lot of corrupt files. Don't know about spyware though. DC++ is by far the best program, just find a good hub. Really low on resources, nothing like an ad anywhere in it. I had to pay to get into the hub i'm in (10$), but its worth it when most of the people are on T1 lines and always leave their computers on; when I need something I get it from DC++ around 50k/s. Much faster than Kazaa.

    Just my opinion.
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  7. RobbieSan

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    yep, Adaware is a great little program...
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    I hate the Donkey, but I love the files.
    It's a trade off. It's a very slow P2P and the network is really bad.
    But the files are there if you look.

    BTW, eDonkeybot while the best thing to happen for the Donkey has had the plug pulled for now. The creator wants to make a "lite" version and a paid for "pro" version.