P L E A S E H E L P!!!! Xp Passwords

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ed2k, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. ed2k

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    Hello. I use Windows XP Pro. Is there any way to select a folder in XP and password protect it so that even you the admin would have to enter a password to access ut?

    I use one account in XP and this account is shared by 2 people. I want to be the only one able to access a specific folder with my password so that the other person will see the folder but not be able to access it. I don't want to hide the contents, just password protect it.

    How can I do this? I know Tweak XP does it but I have to use their program to open the folder all the time.
  2. Rod

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    just out of curriosity why would you want to share accounts on XP they did a really good job of making it easy to use multiple accounts on the same box....
  3. ed2k

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    The other person uses most of my files anyway and I don't need another account to be set up.

    What you said to do works if I am sharing something over the network or with another account in XP. I wanna only have 1 account and protect the folder, not share it!!