Overnet from the makers of Edonkey2000

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stewartbmw2000, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. Electronic Punk: Might be worth posting a bit of news on the front page about this?

    The makers of the popular p2p software Edonkey2000 have released another version of their software, this time it is server-less a lot like Kazaa, this should interest a lot of people who tried Edonkey2000 but could never get it to run properly.

    The new software is called Overnet and can be found here, discussions and news about both Edonkey2000 and Overnet can be found on the main web site here.

    The thing that makes Edonkey and Overnet different from other p2p software that's available is that Edonkey and Overnet give each file a unique ID so websites like Sharereactor can index files very easily, the benefits of this are that you always know what you are downloading is what your getting.

    Give it try you may be pleasantly suprised, I was :)
  2. Wierd works fine for me, did you install the .net framework that it needs to run?