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    you all might remember me from a while back. i was the kid with the celeron 1.2ghz processor in the crappy gateway box that wanted to overclock but the bios is pretty much locked on my crap machine. i was wondering are there any programs like soft-fsb and stuff or whatever programs that can help you overclock. if there are any and all please post them with download links if possible. list whatever prog you know of. thanks alot.
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    If we keep plugging their boards ya think we might get one??

    LOL I love my GIGABYTE

    no joking its a great deal and I cant say enough about them put one together this weekand I just love it

    so much so I am buying another set up for my girlfriend and putting all together as a suprise for her BDAY
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    i dont have a gigabyte mobo though.
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    dont they make mobos?
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    there is softFSB and cpufsb, softFSB works fine for me but cpuFSB won't start because i need the latest NTIOWP.SYS (although i don't know where i would find that)



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