Overclocking XP 1900+

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by loppdawg69, Mar 29, 2002.

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    I have read all the directions on connecting the contacts on this processor to turn it into the 2000+, now i am asking you guys if anyone has done or tried this...i feel that i can do this without screwing it up to bad, but i want input whether or not it has worked for anyone else.
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    Unlocking The XP CPU

    Very easy to do... works GREAT
    I have an 1800+ overclocked to 2100
    but the trick is to lower the multiplier and increas the FSB

    Just to let you know..
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    I got the memory for that also =) up to 333 front side bus =P but there is a way to also overclock the 1900+ to physically make it the 2000+ by connecting the L1 contacts on the cpu with silver laquer..Unlocking the 1900+
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    it does not physically make the chip a 2000+...the rating of a chip applies to what they could get it to run at and be stable under most conditions with standard cooling and such. All the chips are physically the same..it's just the quality of the silicon and the batch they came out of....all it does is unlock the multiplier so that if the chip is capable of running faster you can make it :)