Overclocking the speed of a msi geforce 2 ti

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by FourDiceS, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. FourDiceS

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    I downloaded the new nvidia detonater drivers and
    I noticed that i cannot overclock the card whit does

    Is there a solution to keep my overclocking menu
    of my msi drivers..?

    The card is a Geforce 2 ti 64 mb ddr ram

    I know I don't really need to overclock but I was just wondering..

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  2. zman

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    Are you saying you cant use coolbits now ?

    If you download this patch (attached) and click on it after downloading it will modify your Registry to enable the hardware Option Tab.

    it allows you to overclock both the core and the RAM. Be careful when overclocking and try not to go to overboard as it can damage your card.

    Personally I think the little extra performance gained by overclocking isn't justified by the amount of extra pressure you put on your card.

  3. FourDiceS

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    I installed the program from nvidia to overclock and my computer kept frozing... ( I only overclocked by 20%)

    I guess that card is not to be overclocked...

    Like you said... it's not worth it anyway

    Thanks for your help!