Overclocking a Leadtek GF4 Ti4400

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by nomiophy, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. nomiophy

    nomiophy Guest

    Please walk me thru everything, lol
    its my first nvidia card, first attempt at overclocking..

    i'll have the card either today or tomorrow

  2. nomiophy

    nomiophy Guest

    doesnt the leadtek come with its own overclocking utility?

    what speeds could i take it to?
  3. stressfritz

    stressfritz OSNN Junior Addict

    Read manual. Install card. Install drivers. Install Winfox (comes with card). Overclock. It's that easy.

    Good luck!:D
  4. nomiophy

    nomiophy Guest

    i saw in my bios "agp aperature size"
    what is it?
    its at 64mb now, and i have a 32mb card
    what should i change it to when i install the card, if the card is 128mb?
  5. nomiophy

    nomiophy Guest

    what interval should i go up by?

    what is a good way to test for a problem?

    my cpu and system temp are 40 C