Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DragonHeart, Jun 22, 2002.

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    A quick question i currently use Outlook Express and i want to move onto Outlook 2002, but one annoying this when it starts it doesnt check send/receive straight away like express does, ive looked into all the options and settings but can only change it to one min ?

    Is thier anyway i can get it to check the email etc, as soon as it loads ?

    Many Thx in advance
  2. Jewelzz

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    I use Outlook and mine sends/receives as soon as it's open (although it's usually connected).
    Go to Tools>>>Options>>>Mail Delivery tab, make sure Send messages immediately upon connection, is ticked. See if that does it for you.
  3. Dlovely

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    I cant get that option either. I have Outlook 2002 and the only option I could find was to automatic send/receive when exiting or to send/receive every ? minutes. I can't find the option to make it send/receive when opening the application.
  4. theauditors

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    I'm not entirely sure that there is one :D trust microsoft to do something as stupid as take what was probably the most useful feature and remove it in the version you have to pay for
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    I'm not really sure if it's the same for Outlook 2002 (i'm using Outlook 2000), but for me the only way (that i know of) to make Outlook check my mail as soon as it loads, is to enable the 'send/receive every ..... minutes' option. I have cable so i always set it on 5 min. But when i still had a 56k modem i always checked my mail manualy. Or set it really high, like 300 min.
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    It's under Tools>Options>Mail Settings My Friend...

    whether it does or not I can't tell

    see attached
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    I think enabling the option 'Send immediately when connected' only means that if you press the send button, after writing a new mail, it will be send directly and not first to the Outbox. Which is nice if you have a 56k modem, because then you only have to dial-up one's an hour or so and send it all at the same time.