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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by CrackDown, Sep 2, 2002.

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    I have this PC on a network, that is running Windows NT 4, and has Office XP installed. It is on Microsfot Exchange Server 2000. (quite a combination eh?) Well, whenever I recieve an e-mail with an attachment in the body of the email, and I right-click the attachment, I don't get the "Save As.." option. However, if there is an attachment in the title of the email, then I do (In attachments, below the title). I know how I can get around this by simply opening the attachments and saving them or copying them over to the desktop, but what I want to know is why I don't have the option to save as? is it a security thing? Or just because I am running different versions of MS applications?

    I'd be grateful for an explanation thanks, or anyway to work around it. All info appreciated.
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    Thats just a security thing. Since Outlook and Outlook Express are most susecptable to email viruses, MS trys to implement "security", which is usually either a huge pain in the ass for the user and easily broken by next-gen viruses