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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Serville, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. Serville

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    I have to print some email for filing.
    Some emails come with attachment.
    Problem is when I print the email, the printed header never shows some reference to the attachment. This is important for me to quickly know if the email still has some other relevant documents.

    The current printed header of the email is something like this :
    From : xxxxx
    To : xxxxx
    cc : xxxxx

    What I want is something like this :
    From : xxxx
    To : xxxxx
    cc : xxxxx
    Attachment : xxxxx.doc

    I couldn't find a way to enable this. Either I miss something, or the Outlook does not have this feature ???
  2. ijsmith

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    hi wot versin of outlook express have u got. to find out open outlook and click help and then about microsoft outlook express
  3. Alex_is_Axel

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    Cheshire, United Kingdom
    i just checked up to see if i have your problem Serville and i have attachment on my letterhead. I havent changed any settings or anything and i am using the Outlook Express 6 on windows XP

    On my letterhead, its printed out like this:

    From: xxxxx
    To: xxxxx
    Sent: xxxxx
    Attach: xxxxx
    Subject: xxxxx

    Hope this helps

    Sincerly Alex :cool:
  4. Serville

    Serville Guest

    Sorry for not being clear enough.
    It is Outlook XP 2002. Not Outlook Express.
    I have just tried to print with Outlook Express, and yes it does print the attachment field in the Header, but not Outlook XP 2002.
  5. jroc

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    Have you even tried going to the OutLook XP Web Site for anwsers..thats where I generally find them...and sometimes there are add-ons for business that might be what you need..and they are free