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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by andre9540, Jul 15, 2002.

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    WEll its that time again to reformat thy old drive and my main hassle is setting up outlook accounts over and over with all the passwords and what not........

    is there a way to back up the accounts to maybe a cdr or something.......anything:( :( :(
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    Why not use the XP Migration option available by inserting the XP CD-ROM. Once the auto-load loads, you will see migration. Simply click this option. By doing the above, XP will save all your user settings, email, address book, etc. Good luck.
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    Also in OE itself you can go to file\export\address book & tools\accounts\export. Both will probably fit onto a floppy. To install the settings again go to the same places & choose import.
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    You can also move your message folders off your Windows installation drive:

    Tools>Options>Maintainance>Store Folder tab

    I did this for the first time before my latest clean install and it made me feel stoopid for not having found it before.

    After your clean install just go back to the same steps to point Outlook Express back to your folders on your second drive.

    Tools>Accounts>Export will let you back up your accounts one at a time, complete with passwords, if that's how you've got them set up now.