Outlook Express and Deleting Spam

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Buckky, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Buckky

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    I am using a program called SpamPal and it works well. By choice I send the SPAM to my delete box. I have OE set to clear deleted messages on closing, however it is required to view the message first. The whole point is that I do not want to view my spam. Any suggestions?
  2. Heeter

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    Hi Buckky,

    Open OE, then click on "View" up top, then "layout" and uncheck the "Preview Pane". This will close the preview pane on the bottom. Hope this helps.

  3. bicycle Bill

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    If i understand your question correctly i would just open OE>edit and tick empty deleted items folder.
  4. Buckky

    Buckky Guest

    Thanks for the tips. But what I am looking for is for the mail that goes to the delete folder to be auto read. This way it will not show as unread items.
  5. Static 99

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    Not really sure if this works. But you could edit your mail rule, in box 2 there's also an option 'Mark as red'. (or something similar, I have a Dutch XP version)
  6. Howling Wolf

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    I myself use Spampal, and I set OE to put tagged messages in the delete folder and not marked as read (blue numbers beside it appear as the number of messages increases), and it works nicely like that.
    To be sure Spampal hasn't tagged a message wrongly, I deactivate the preview pane, check for sollicited messages in the delete folder (it never failed up to now :) ) and find none, then I simply right click on the delete folder and select empty folder, no problems with that.
    But, it also works the same way when the preview pane is active.... !

    Oooops, I forgot, you can select the option mark messages as read in the message rules ! ;)