Outlook Dialling Problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Womble, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. Womble

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    I've just had to reinstall Office XP after a hard disk crash.
    Before, it was working fine (relatively), but now it dials my provider when I'm offline - it doesn't even prompt me to connect !
    Also when I'm online, I have to perfrom a manual send/receive to get my mail - it won't send it immediately either.
    Anyone else had this ?

    TIA Womble
  2. damnyank

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    I don't know about Office XP - but my Outlook Express has options to turn those functions on or off!

    I can go tools, options, general tab and there is a selection to "Check for new messages every XX minutes and a drop down right below it giving you options such as connect only when not working offline, do not connect, or connect even if working offline.

    On the Send Tab there is an option to send mail immediately. I know if I let that unchecked - it goes to my outbox and sits there until I "send" it!

    It sounds like you have "check for new messages" checked and have selected "connect even if working off line" and on the send tab you have left "send mail immediately" unchecked!

    Any help????
  3. Womble

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    Yes, Outlook has those, but it's ignoring the settings.