News Outlook 2010 Features Bill Gates' Police Mugshot

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    Outlook 2010 adds a new feature to Microsoft's flagship email client called the 'People Pane', which shows users an overview of the person emailing them, including contact details and a photo. Couple this with Outlook Social Connector and you can populate all your contacts with their details from Facebook. However, if Outlook Social Connector can't locate an image for one of your contacts, you'll be left with the standard placeholder image - a silhouette outline of a person.​

    What's so strange about this? Well, that silhouette happens to be from none other than Bill Gates himself, and it's not just from any photo; it's from Bill Gates' mugshot that was taken when he was pulled over for speeding in the 1970s! Have a look for yourself below and see what you think!​


    Does Bill Gates have a devilish sense of humour or is someone playing tricks on him? Hopefully time will tell...​


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    I won't use it, when they make it easy to sync with google calendar I will think about it ...