Outlook 2002 and XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Baldor_Cone, Jan 20, 2002.

  1. Baldor_Cone

    Baldor_Cone Guest

    I just formatted my HD and I saved my Office folder what file do I have to transfer to save my addresses?
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    I'm not sure about outlook, but in outlook express there's an 'import' feature in the 'file' pull-down menu. Using that all i need to do is locate the store folder and tell it what to import. Hopefully outlook has something similar.
  3. Baldor_Cone

    Baldor_Cone Guest

    hmm, couldn't get it to work... I was hoping for a drag and drop solution or something. Outlook has the import option but I probably would have had to export into a folder or something.
  4. Papercup

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    bad news if you only saved your 'office' folder

    Outlook (97, 200, 2002) holds all info (mail, contacts, calendar, the LOT (but not internet mail accounts)) in one file with the extension '.pst'.

    But it doesn't live in the Office folder, it lives in local settings\microsoft\outlook - the start of the path is different in each OS but if you just enable 'show all files' and search for '*.pst' then you will find it.

    You can set up Outlook then shut it down, delete the .pst it has made, and then start it up again. It will get upset and ask for the .pst file, so you show it your old one. This works best in 97 and 2000 but 2002 gets upset about address books so it is best to file->import the old one.

    Hope all this helps; i am quite adept with moving mail between progs and saving settings and address books (don't ask.....) so if you need any more help just post, i have mail notification turned on so will reply.

  5. Baldor_Cone

    Baldor_Cone Guest

    I searched both, the file I saved and the new installation (Office XP) and didn't find a .pst file:(
  6. Papercup

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    C:\Documents and Settings\<your logon name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

    is the path for a .pst in WinXP. If you didn't save that from the old PC i am afraid you are stuffed either way.

    When you search first go into Folder Options in Control Panel and choose the 'show hidden files and folders' option, and untick 'Hide protected operating system files' which is a few options under the first one. Then search My Computer - you will find any .pst files on the computer, including the one above providing you have run Outlook 2002 at least once.

    My advice for the future is to do what i do: set-up Outlook and then shut it down, move the .pst file into My Documents and then start up Outlook again. It will get upset and ask for the .pst file. Point it to My Docs and the file you moved, shut down Outlook, restart it again. Then your mail lives in My Docs so you only need to save My Documents when you re-install.

    When you do re-install you run Outlook, shut it down, delete the little .pst it makes (at the address above) and point it to your saved My Docs one when it awakes and gets upset.

    Also, copy your Favourites file into My Docs, and use TweakUI (part of Powertoys, free download for all versions of Windows, but the XP one is a different file) to change the location for Favourites to the one in My Docs (in My Computer/Special Folders option in TweakUI). Again, you only need to save My Documents when you re-install Windows.

  7. Baldor_Cone

    Baldor_Cone Guest

    Well that sux I didn't grab that just the Outlook folder :eek:
    Looks like I'm screwed thanks for the help anyway