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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by efeezee, Apr 5, 2002.

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    I don't think I got caught being loose with my e-mail addresses, but I am all of the sudden getting TONS of SPAM.

    I think comcast.net is the root of my problem, as it seems to have started since the transition, and oftentimes, the e-mails are to large groups of comcast.net users.

    Replying with REMOVE or UNSUBSCRIBE does no good, as the inboxes are either full or fake, as the messages are always returned. The LINK to unsubscribe is always a dead one, so I am at the end of my rope.

    1) Are there any general services to help rid SPAM. Like with telemarketers, you can call a # to request you be removed. I am not naive enough to think such a solution exists, but perhaps something similar.

    2) Anyone else using comcast.net experiencing this? Is there a User Option to BLOCK this JUNK??

    THANKS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    :( :(
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    Well you can probably filter some of it out, but tends not to help because they tend to change their e-mail addresses by like one letter or number. As far as replying back to them to remove you...hahaha thats just a ploy for them to know that the address is good so they can sell it and get more money for a known good email address. Once it gets sold that is pretty much it, they now have your number.

    I can tell you this. I have had several internet email accounts and have recieved tons of spam. I recommend any name enail through www.4anything.com I have never ever recieved one piece of email I did not ask for and have been going through them for about a year now.

    I recommend having 2 email accounts. 1 for personal, family friends, etc etc... and the other for stupid shtuff you sign up for on the internet.. via newsgroups, forums, downloads, bla bla bla..

    I know this probably doesnt help to much to get rid of your spam problem, but hopefully it will help you in the future.

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    I will include a link at the end of this to some very interestng info that has been accumulated on COMCAST.NET which will explain what I am referring to.

    I have e-mailed and telephoned Comast support and it was like pulling teeth to find anyone who would admit to knowing anything about Broadjump Client - and they would not talk to me until I proved to them I knew quite a bit about the Broadjump Client. To make a long story short - I did a few things after my research into Broadjump Client and talking to a software engineer at Comcast.

    I uninstalled Comcast Support and CFD.exe(Broadjump Client Foundation) and then I installed a firewall - nothing more than the freebie Zone Alarm. I now laugh everytime I am alerted that those mobile IP's out of Mobile, AL are pinging my puter.

    All my systems are working fine without Comcast Support and Broadjump Client.

    For the rest of this horror story - check out the link below:

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    Here's a link that helped cut down my volume of SPAM. List removal
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    Thanks for the link. I used it, and passed it on to some friends. HOPE it helps...

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    You are right it is the ISP (all of them and AOL is the King ).
    They feel they need to maximize the revenues they generate. So they use what is commonly called (I believe) a pinK contract.
    These contracts are simply a way of saying, "You go ahead and we won't notice. But, we do expect you to pay for the privilege."
    Also, just about anyone w/ a random name generator can create spam. And since much of this crud originates from Asia. It is almost impossible to trace. Also, the issue of spyware and cookies comes to mind.
    As long as someone can use you to make money then they will.
  7. l0g0ut

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    i think mailwasher is a great tool. You can set so that all the junks you receive will bounce back to the sender so that they will think your email address is no longer valid. It discourages them from sending anymore spam.
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    First.. NEVER reply to any spam mail.. even if they have an option "To remove you from their mailing list". That is only a signal to them that your address is active! Then they will resell your address.

    This works for me:

    First I changed my POP mail address. I notified ONLY my friends that are in my address book. When I forward jokes to them I send as "Bcc". I asked my friends to remove me from their forward list unless they use "Bcc".
    After doing this I never get spam mail to this account.

    I set up a Hotmail address. I use this address as my public address, for posting on forums or placing orders on the internet. I set Hotmail spam filter to "Exclusive", that means ALL mail not in my Hotmail address book goes to a junk folder.
    With one click I can check the folder or delete the complete folder. I will check it daily if I have recently placed an internet order. Usually web site order confirmation is sent immediately after placing an order. I don't have to check but once every 7 days before the folder auto deletes. :)