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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Eagle710, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Eagle710

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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    my new pc will include:

    AMD Thlon 64- 3200 - 512k l2 cache(socket 939)
    Asus A8N SLI - deluxe socket 939 nvidia nforce 4 SLI w/ PCI Xpress x16
    OCZ 1 GB PC 3200 DDR premier dual channel series (2 x 512)
    200 GB Maxtor Diamond Max 10 UDMA - 133 7200 RPM 16 Mb 9ms OEM
    Asus extreme AX800/2DTV0- Radeon X800 VPU w/256MB DDR & PCI express x16
    sony 52 x MAX cd rom
    sound blaster live 24 bit
    Creative SBS 2.1 350 speakers
    NEC nd-3540A dual layer dvd +- r/RW drive
    enlight 450 W ATX 12 V power supply
    thermal take Xaser V Damier V5000D Steel Black ATX CAse w/ window w/o power supply

    Any opinions? Please share

    I am not sure what kind of network card i will need yet but i wanna setup a wireless network with my other PC.
    And for the above items i am paying $1539.85 CDN......please share
  2. Mainframeguy

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    You considered a card reader in lieu of floppy? I think I'll be going ther eon my next build - because so long as you have ONE of your machines in the network with a floppy reader I cannot see any need for any more....
  3. zeke_mo

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    Why are you getting a sli mobo and then buy an ATi card?
  4. LordOfLA

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    Floppies are needed for drivers occasionally, and bios upgrades a little more frequenlty. Most cases have 2 external 3.5" bays anyway.

    Secondly if you'r going ati dont get an sli board and sue the money saved to get yourself a 3500+ since the prices just came down a chunk.
  5. Son Goku

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    Do you need to concern yourself with a network card? The nForce chipset includes it's own networking, and the nForce boards I've seen thus far tend to have there own ethernet hookup. You could probably save a buck by not concerning yourself with a discrete ethernet card, unless for some reason you need 2 ethernet hookups.
  6. Mastershakes

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    ummm. network cards are 10 bucks.

    Looks like a kickin setup - I have to agree on the SLI / ATI arguement - but hey... it is an X800. mmmmmmmmmmm. pixels.