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    I’m working on a family directory with a friend. She has created a database using access 2000 which contains names, addresses, phone numbers etc. I have access 97 on my computer. She gave me a floppy with the file on it: family.mdb, beside the access icon it says Microsoft Access Database 504kb. Everything looks normal, but when I try to open the file, I get get a box which reads :Unrecongnized database format. There is also a help button there. When I click on the help button I see the following:
    Unrecognized database format <filename>. (Error 3343)
    Possible causes:

    · The specified file name is not a Microsoft Jet database.
    · The specified file name is a device name, such as a printer, a console, and so forth.
    · The .mdb file has invalid header information or an unknown sort order.
    · A commit is pending from another user, but the lock file cannot be found.
    · During a commit, you are attempting to write a Long value larger than the 2K maximum page size.
    · The database is damaged. Repair and compact the database, and then try opening it again.

    She copied it to a second floppy and also emailed me the file all with the same result on three diferent computers all running Office97. She is able to open the database on her computer. I thought you could open Office 2000 files using Office 97. I have installed Office97 SP1 and SP2 as well as Jet40Sp3_Comp.exe, since I read that Access2000 uses Jet 4.0 engine. Do I need to install Visual Studio Service Pack 4 or 5? Is there a way that my friend with Office2000 can save her data base files in a format that can be read on Office97 machines? BTW, I’m using WinXP Home Ed.
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    As a general rule you can always open prior database versions (such as Access 97) in an newer version such as Access 2002. However, Access 97 is not able to open an Access 2000 database - it will produce the Unrecognized database format error on open.
    You should open the db in Access 2K (perhaps your friend), and then u can save it as a previous version. Then u can open it in Access 97 again.

    Have a look at my attachment for a i am using office Xp so i hope its the same in office 2000.

    Hope this helps you.