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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by aj007, Oct 21, 2002.

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    When I played Day Of Defeat (Half Life Mod) ver 3.1 online, most times I play the system/server kicks me out with the follow Windows error - NET_SendPacket ERROR: WSAEINTR - I click on the "OK" button and it closes my Day of Defeat game but leaves me online. :mad:

    I have a new DELL XP Machine, which I installed Half Life, Day of Defeat and Counter Strike (amoung others) on and am now having this problem. I previously had a 2000 machine and with the same game files installed never had this problem...

    ...Please HELP!!! :confused:


    "Caveman" - Day of Defeat handle
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    Not any specific advice. Try update ALL of your drivers that you can.
  3. dieot

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    it is possible that your network card drivers need an update. My best suggestion to you would be to connect windows update and download all the patches including SP1. SP1 is not installed by default on new Dell machines for some idiotic reason. Oh and please do not got with DELL next time :) Instead do the right thing and go with a custom system builder or even build it yourself but please do not get it from an OEM manufaturer such as Dell or compaq they are simply killing the pc industry and turning it into commodety market like toasters.