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    In court to answer a paternity suit, fourteen-year-old Pete stood at his lawyer’s side.
    To emphasize the inaccuracy of the charge, the attorney unzipped the boy’s pants and held his flaccid member.
    “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,” the lawyer said, rattling the organ. “I ask you to study this undeveloped Peter. Examine this limp, preadolescent genital and ask yourself, ‘Is it possible that he could have fathered a baby with this!’”

    Suddenly, from the corner of his mouth, Pete said, “Psst! Mr. Bigshot! If you don’t let go real soon, we are going to lose this case!”
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    Wow Kirrie, you seem to have had a little bit of time off :D
    Good to see you here again.
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    Thanks EP. Will spend a bit more time here in future, as I have been a bad boy, by not coming to this place of ill repute for such a long time.