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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Fifaheat, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. Fifaheat

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    i have been having a nightmare, hopefully you guys could help me...

    this has any just happened...

    When i go to windows media player and internet explorer, they would crash saying "we have encountered a problem etc etc...."

    also it does the same for:

    System information
    System restore
    Windows explorer (says this when IE6 crashes)

    However, before this started happening, it crashed on the internet while trying to disconnect. i restarted it, and xp ran scandisk-- it said it was truncating some files!!! which means shortening! why would it want to do that?

    Also, when these programs crash, it says on the modname: jscript.dll and it says another name when windows explorer crashes

    Can u guys please help me

    thanx very much in advance

  2. Lonman

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    Ouch, when chkdsk has to truncate... you have some serious disk errors going on. Did you do a clean installation of XP or was it an upgrade? Usually those kind of disk errors are associated with a hardware conflict. Check your event viewer logs and see what you see in there that can narrow the playing field down. Whatever the case, it looks like you need to to a clean installation again just to fix what's damaged so far. You can open a command window by typing 'cmd' in the run box. When you have that open, type in 'sfc /scannow' without the quotes... if you have damaged system files you'll be prompted to enter your XP installation CD to copy the damaged files back over.
  3. Fifaheat

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    M8, YOU ARE A STAR !!!!!

    thank you very much!!!

    it worked and everything is working fine, i can play all my songs on media player etc....

    again, thank u very much!

    :D :D :)

  4. Lonman

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    cool!! keep an eye on those event viewer logs... something caused some damage and it will likely happen again until you get whatever is doing it fixed. Glad you're up and running on all cylinders again. ;)
  5. Highwind7777

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    I have had soooo many damaged sectors and cylinders in the past...I just go to a data recovery centre and the fix it all up for free :D
  6. Fifaheat

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    where abouts is the viewers log located m8?
  7. Lonman

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    Right click on the 'my computer' icon> manage> expand the 'event viewer' branch. Your logs are there.