Omega (Any increase?)

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by NightHawk_450, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. NightHawk_450

    NightHawk_450 OSNN Addict

    I have just tried the new OMEGA drivers for Nvidia cards....I have a Geforce 2 MX400 64 meg, and I must say that the change in graphic quality is deffintly noteable....I would just like to know about how any of you people have found them!!! Good, bad?

    Or you could post some before and after benchmarks!!! I just want to make make the decision of wether or not I should stay with these drivers or go back to the newest detonators...........Thanks in advance......Nighthawk :)
  2. Shawn319

    Shawn319 Guest

    Quality/performance - BIG BOOST

    FPS - small drop, but worth it
  3. NightHawk_450

    NightHawk_450 OSNN Addict

    is quite the remarckable development...and what is funny is that they aren't nvidias
  4. Shawn319

    Shawn319 Guest

    I told omega he should be working for nVIDIA hehe.
  5. xsk8zerox

    xsk8zerox Moderator

    i like them alot better then any dets
  6. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    :D much smoother graphics
  7. isoacid

    isoacid Guest

    I like them
  8. Dlovely

    Dlovely Guest

    i just put them in my MX400 card and what a difference. im gonna be ditching this card soon for a gf4 but for now it is much smoother it seems. i was skeptical but now happy.
  9. scriptasylum

    scriptasylum Moderator

    Des Moines,IA
    Um, at the risk of sounding stupid: How do you install those Omega drivers? :rolleyes:

    I downloaded them, extracted them and followed the instructions to the letter, but towards the end of the installation, an error box comes up saying it can't find a file. I can see all the other files being copied to the appropriate directory until it gets to a certain file (the alert doesn't specify which).

    I've tried re-extracting the setup files with no luck. I've tried redownloading the setup with no luck. I've tried uninstalling the old drivers first with no luck. I've tried installing the new ones OVER the old ones with no luck. Between each of these "trials", I restore the system from the restore point just before these steps to avoid any conflicting problems.

    So, now I'm back at my old drivers.

    It seems everything goes ok until the last bit. How aggravating.
    It's really not that big a deal, but I would like to see the qualuty of the drivers.
  10. dejav00

    dejav00 Guest


    I'm back to using det 29.42's, I couldn't tell the difference :confused:
  11. mikewat49

    mikewat49 Guest

    Hi, Im running the new Omega's and I dropped about 400 points in 3D Mark 2001 SE, but with 2x AA on the images are much better,
    and no shimmering in the background either.
    Let's be honest a slightly slower game which you wont notice anyhow is a good trade off ,unless you are hung up on
    benchmark scores (which I used to be)!

    Gigabyte GA7-DX+ f6
    3D Blaster Ti 4200
    512 mb Crucial PC DDR
    Lite-On 241040
    CDR x52
    Athlon 1400
    Macron MPT400w
    IBM Deskstar 60gxp 40gb
    Maxtor 8gb:rolleyes:
  12. garanzia

    garanzia Guest

    omega driver

    this is sound stupid . where i can download that drivers. tell me
  13. isoacid

    isoacid Guest

    I went back to the dets because the omega drivers enabled DISABLE ENHANCED CPU INSTRUCTIONS in rivatuner. When i uncheck the box my comp freezes when starting up.
  14. Bretenn

    Bretenn Guest

    so far... do the omega hav any bugs or error?? this is a beta release or non-beta?? for me... a slightly decrease in performance wont be too bad.... QUALITY is more important.....
  15. dejav00

    dejav00 Guest


    This is the first official release...non-beta :D

    I still can't tell the difference:confused:

  16. mikewat49

    mikewat49 Guest

    Doesnt the website or install instructions state that these drivers wont function as theyre supposed if you use any sort of tweaking tool?
  17. mikewat49

    mikewat49 Guest

    Hi, I got 8188 in 3D 2002 with a Ti 4200 at default and the Det 29.42 WHQL's. With Omegas 29.42's I got 7845 but the images were much sharper. I,m currently running the Det 30.30's and got
    8500, but to recreate the Omega effect I have to use 2x AA;)
  18. zoyvod

    zoyvod Guest

    I cannot tell the difference also and I have more speed with dets
    GF4Ti 4600 3Dmark2001SE 28.90(the best dets for me) 9137
    >> >> Omegas 8740

    So why change?
  19. dejav00

    dejav00 Guest


    In case you can tell the difference, and it does improve the look of a game, I'd use them except that I can't tell the difference besides loss of FPS.
  20. Shawn319

    Shawn319 Guest

    Dont trust the 3D mark when compairing omega drivers because thay will fool you. 3d mark looks for FPS and even the slightest change will throw it off (the omegas DO lower FPS a tiny bit, but the better graphics make up for the 0-5 FPS loss).